Research Fellow/Data Scientist

Digital Futures (Smart Synergies Lab)


  • Conducted user-oriented privacy policy research focused on text summarization for IoT and Smart homes.
  • Led the research and development of a human perception algorithm using SpaCy, BERT, CoreNLP, and NLTK.
  • Designed a Fuzzy inference logic and incorporated it into the human perception pipeline, leveraging Sentence BERT (SBERT) to score similarities and enhance text prediction with comprehensive context understanding.
  • Created a modular script to streamline API queries from social media platform (X) and integrate them with relational databases MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Developed a robust data pipeline Python to ensure data homogeneity across heterogeneous data sources.


School of IT (Civic Tech Lab)


  • Conducted machine learning research to detect similarities between 911, 311, and social media data for easy crisis response with Cincinnati open data and Twitter academic API.
  • Developed an API module for an operational picture tool (PIVOT) used to map local beliefs towards the COVID-19 pandemic with the Django framework.
  • Developed an NER and situational awareness flag from CrisisNLP dataset for understanding patterns in crisis.