Research Fellow/Data Scientist

Digital Futures (Smart Synergies Lab)

  • Developed a smart data pipeline with TensorFlow and Scikit-learn to ensure data homogeneity from heterogeneous data sources.
  • Developed a modular script to streamline data queries for multiple relational databases without SQL.
  • Collaborated with researchers in a transfer learning research using the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) and Word2Vec models, to extend supervised learning and natural language understanding capabilities.
  • Collaborated with two research labs within the Digital Futures complex in the development of a perception algorithm using the spaCy Rule-Based pattern matching workflow, and the BERT model to detect Pro- or Anti-vaccine perception.

School of IT (Civic Tech Lab)

  • Conducted machine learning research to detect similarities between 911, 311, and social media data for easy crisis response with Cincinnati open data and Twitter academic API.
  • Developed the API module for an operational picture tool used to map local beliefs towards the COVID-19 pandemic with the Django framework and Natural Language Processing for opinion mining.
  • Integrated Named Entity Recognition and Word2Vec into situational awareness dataset from CrisisNLP for managing health crises.
  • Worked both independently and collaboratively in recording experimental findings in the weekly laboratory meetups to analyze and interpret reports from various works of literature.